Q: What is Red Stick Music?

A: We are Baton Rouge, Louisiana’s Live Music Calendar. We offer an online calendar & a free paper calendar distributed around Baton Rouge, in addition to posting daily schedules on all of our social media profiles. Our online calendar at redstickmusic.com also serves as a local directory, linking to original websites where you can find more info about each event.

Q: How is Red Stick Music’s calendar made?

A: Our calendar is hand compiled by us from over 100 information sources, in addition to submissions from artists & venues themselves.

Q: Who works for Red Stick Music?

A: Owners Christopher & Caitlen Odell - it’s just us!

Q: Is Red Stick Music a non-profit organization?

A: No - We are a trademark of FourLeafAudio LLC, a local Professional Live Audio Recording company.

Q: Why did FourLeafAudio LLC start Red Stick Music?

A: We were recording live music around Baton Rouge, and we noticed a need for a calendar; where people could find everything together in one place.

Q: How is Red Stick Music funded?

A: We seek funding through local businesses and organizations who would like to sponsor our calendar or local artist live recordings, and help keep this resource free and available to the public. We also offer advertising in our bi-monthly paper and on our website.

Q: When is the calendar at redstickmusic.com updated?

A: Daily, it is constantly being updated whenever new information is found.

Q: How much of an area does Red Stick Music’s calendar cover?

A: We cover anything that is within a 20 mile radius of the center of Baton Rouge. This is as much man-power as we have to cover events at the moment, and also keeps shows to within a 30 minute drive for all Baton Rouge residents.

Q: Where did Red Stick Music find these events?

A: You can see exactly where we found any event by looking at the “Original Listing” portion at the bottom of the description after clicking on any event on our online calendar at redstickmusic.com.

Q: How do I get my show on Red Stick Music’s Calendar?

A: Easy, just email your schedule with date(s), time(s), place(s) and artist name(s), and we’ll get it posted. Please note that all event submissions undergo verification before being posted.

Q: What’s the deadline for getting my show printed on the Free Paper Calendar?

A: Our printing and delivery schedule can vary so please contact us by email at info@redstickmusic.com and we’d be happy to let you know our upcoming schedule.

Q: Are there any types of shows you don’t list?

A: We reserve the right to not list any show at any time for any reason.

Our policies on events we do not list include but are not limited to:

  1. 1.Events that are outside of the area range we cover: a 20 mile radius from the center of Baton Rouge, LA

  2. 2.Events listed or submitted that seem to be inaccurate

  3. 3.Events that are not at a public venue, such as home concerts

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